ICT Solutions
Electrical & Power Systems
Access Control, Security and Surveillance Systems


Our products and Services

At Telemas, we strongly believe in value based solutions. We focus on solutions that serve the client needs faster and more importantly, reliably, ensuring that your business is technologically safeguarded.

Our products and services broadly cover the following

* Telecommunications
* Information Communication Technology
* Electrical and power systems
* Security and surveillance
* Consultancy
* Training



Events happening at Telemas will be posted here as they happen. These basically will be projects successfully completed and the clients are happy. The ongoing projects will also be posted here.

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If you want to go far, you must arm yourself with other people. This is the saying of the wise. Well, here at Telemas, we are not a one-man-show, we are a team of top notch Engineers, highly dedicated and experienced....more>>


This FAQ is supplemental documentation to the main pages in the website. This section gives more details to the information relating to the various services that we offer like Telecommunications,ICT Solutions, Electrical and Power Systems, Access Control...more>>

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